For reliable heating system repairs and installation by friendly certified technicians, call a reputable HVAC repair company in the Omaha area. The company you hire should have plenty of experience in servicing commercial and residential customers. Whether your system is gas, electric, or geothermal heating, there are qualified technicians in the local area that can get your system repaired quickly to where you will be comfortable once again. Heating and cooling companies can evaluate your home for new equipment by determining the load capacity. These companies often offer zoning services as well, which gives people control to adjust the temperature in their homes to varied settings. In a nutshell, this means that you could keep your living room on the ground level of the home at one temperature, while setting the upstairs bedroom temperature to a completely different setting. This makes it really nice if you aren’t using certain rooms of your home, because then you only have to heat the areas that you are using. This is cost savings at its finest.

What a Furnace Tune-Up Consists Of

If you have passed a furnace tune-up inspection, then you can be worry free and know that your equipment is working properly. This inspection is incredibly thorough, and it looks at everything related to the furnace. When the repairman performs the inspection, he will first check to make sure that the thermostat is working properly. He will then clean or change the furnace filters in your home. All controls and electrical components will be inspected in addition to the heat exchanger, which will be inspected for cracks. Cracks in a heat exchanger are a leading cause of carbon monoxide poisoning, so this check is critical to the well-being of you and your family. They may oil the motor if it is needed, and they will also check the air flow. If the air flow is not adequate, then the evaporator coil may need to be thoroughly cleaned. Air fuel mixture is also checked, to ensure that everything is as it should be.

Replacing Your Existing Furnace

Older furnace equipment is out of date, so there may come a point when you decide that it just isn’t very cost effective to fix your old unit anymore. Your furnace repairman will be able to recommend a sales company if they don’t sell furnaces with their own business. They probably have a lot of contacts in the business, so it is best to heed their advice. Contact several HVAC contractor Omaha specialists before you decide on a particular company. Rates can vary, so you will need to get estimates from several of them in order to get the cheapest rate.

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