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by | Mar 9, 2013 | Swimming Pools and Spas

Owning a swimming pool is great; you can come in from work, get into your swim suit and jump in. The kids will love you for putting a pool in; they instantly become a big hit with their friends. To keep it fun is not easy, there is a lot of work to keeping a pool perfect and to accomplish it, you will need swimming pool equipment in Bradenton FL.

So you don’t start wishing you had never installed a swimming pool in the first pace, here are a few tips to keep your pool perfect, and you happy.

Test the water: Swimming in water that is not clean and healthy is not recommended. To make sure your water is up to an acceptable standard, it should be tested every day or at most, every two days depending on the use. A simple pH test kit which is part of the swimming pool equipment in Bradenton FL that you will need, the results of the tests will tell you what has to be done in the way of chemicals to keep your pool pristine.

Vacuum regularly: It does not take long for the bottom of the pool to get dirty. Dust from the air and algae that forms will slowly sink to the bottom and make the pool unsightly and the bottom slippery. There are automatic pool vacuums that are ideal for larger pools or manual for most family-size pools.

Clean the filter: If your pool is near trees with falling leaves, they land in the water and end up in the filter. In circumstances like this, the filter can clog very quickly. The filters must be kept clean, not only for the sake of the water, but the pump must have water running through it, or it will fail.

Add chemicals: After you have tested the quality of the water, you may have to add chlorine. If this is the case, then do it right away so the condition does not worsen.

Maintain the water level: Low water level is one of the primary reasons why swimming pool equipment in Bradenton FL fails. There may not be enough water to flow through the pump and filter. Add water and check the chemicals again as fresh water will upset the balance.

Clean surface debris: use a net scoop to remove larger debris that has fallen on the surface of the pool, this material can clog the filter if left unattended too.

Purchase materials: make sure you have all the swimming pool equipment in Bradenton FL that you will need to maintain your pool properly; a pH test kit, drums of chemicals, a net scoop and vacuum are just a few of the things that you will need to keep your pool perfect.

All of the swimming pool equipment in Bradenton FL that you will need can be purchased from Sparkling Kleen Pools & Spas. They also have a range of automated equipment to make your life easier.

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