Some people love their cars and drive them until they just are not worth repairing. Others inherited a car that just requires too much work to sell. Still others did not maintain the car properly and now it is too costly to fix. For these situations, it is time to junk the car. There are places that will junk the car and still pay you money for it.

Many people these days opt to give their car to charity in these situations. They hope to claim a tax refund for the car donation above the cars real value. Many times, they claim the car was in good condition. This is tax fraud and the consequences are not something anyone wants. Instead of waiting to get a couple extra dollars bad from the government, one should instead look into places like Junk Cars Murfreesboro. These places will pay you money immediately for cars that are in any condition and any level of disrepair.

It could not be easier to use Junk Cars Murfreesboro. They will pick up your car anyway in the 50 contiguous states. There are even options for leaving the paper work in the car so they can pick it up while you are at work. You only need to be present if the car is not accessible, such as in a garage or a gated community. The rules are different between states though. In some states, you can leave the company junking the vehicle just the registration, some other states require the title be present for the company to take the vehicle. Many times, they can even handle all the DMV paper work for you.

This is a much quicker way to get cash for a junk vehicle that you can not sell and is not repairable. You may even receive more money than you would for the tax return. So while, Grandpa’s old truck or your totaled daily driver seem to be valueless and are now just taking up space in your driveway or yard. There are actually several ways to make money off these junk cars. The programs available make it very easy and the cash is in your hands almost immediately.