Content marketing can be defined as anything that you post online that does not try to direct sell your target audience. It is easy to lead customers through the sales funnel without hard-selling them.

At the top of the sales funnel is awareness. To reach your potential customers at this level, you need to let them know that they have a problem and that there is an answer to their problem. You are not telling them what the answer is, but you are encouraging them to dig deeper, knowing that a solution exists. You can use various techniques, including videos and blog posts, to educate your target audience.

Once you have created interest in your product using content marketing in St. Augustine, FL, the next step is to generate interest in your answer to their problem. During this stage, you need to be posting content that explores different solutions. Without telling customers which answer to their challenge to pick, you can show them how your answer is the right one.

The next step is the decision. During this step, you help customers decide that they need your answer and that your company is the right place to get that answer. Reviews play a huge part in helping your target audience choose to do business with you. Videos showing different options and how to use your product can help.

The last step is action, where the customer buys your solution. Content marketing in St, Augustine, FL, plays a role here as you help customers understand the upgrades available along with any different bundles that may be chosen.