Grand format printing involves print media that are used to make big statements. These print media are large and catchy materials used to pass on great messages to clients such as window signs, trade show banners, lawn signs, table banners and posters among others. These types of print media are largely appreciated because their size does not allow them to go unnoticed. Once they have been spotted, they always attract the curiosity to take a closer look therefore effectively delivering the message to their audience.

Grand format printing involves a lot of graphics. Therefore it is important to get the expertise of a graphic designer on the job. People are attracted to colourful banners with great graphic designs as compared to dull monochrome designs. Graphic designers know what people want to see and therefore deliver on this when they design these large print media.

There are various attributes of grand format printing to consider when it comes to these large print media. These include:

1. Grand format printing is one of the areas where size matters. Depending on the kind of audience and the number of people you want to reach to, the size of the print media should match your ambition. Grand format printing in Norman OK is available for a variety of dimensions. Do not doubt that the machinery needed to print high quality banners on such large print media is available. The printers used in printing banners and posters are large commercial machinery that can print dimensions of up to 60”.

2. The materials used for printing on are also another factor to consider when it comes to such large printing. For extremely huge banners, using fabrics, vinyl and polypropylene is greatly preferred because the materials are much more flexible and less fragile as paper which can tear easily. These are the common types of materials used in the banners we see. However for the smaller posters or table banners, materials such as photo satin or photo gloss can be used. Posters and banners can also be backed by materials such as aluminium or magnetic materials for sturdiness and durability.

3. The finishing of the grand format printing in Norman OK will also determine how durable the printed media will be. Running ink is the biggest weak point of printed materials especially those that are placed outside due to water and moisture. Therefore finishing options such as laminating or glossing can really help to make the banners more durable and resistant to the effects of water and moisture.

4. Once the materials have been printed, mounting solutions such as banner stands or swing away wall frames are the next order of business. The mounting solution will depend on where the banner is to be placed.

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