Being involved in an automobile, motorcycle, bicycle, pedestrian, or trucking accident can cause serious financial strain on an individual if they are unable to work and need to receive medical treatment. A free consultation with an injury lawyer in Tucson will give a victim the opportunity to discuss the circumstances of their case and give them the opportunity to determine if they should pursue their case.

A lawyer will manage the paperwork and deal with the insurance company claims adjusters and lawyers. When an individual is injured, they have a better chance of recovering from their injuries when they receive early medical intervention and treatment. While a victim focuses on their recovery; the attorney will focus on receiving the highest settlement possible for the case.

Wrongful Death Claims

Wrongful deaths happen very often after an accident due to the injuries received. Motorcycle and truck accidents can easily involve a wrongful death case. Motorcycle riders have limited protection from the impact of a collision on the highway.

The weight and size of a truck can cause catastrophic injuries that result in the death of an individual. These types of cases require the knowledge and experience of an injury lawyer to win. A thorough investigation will have to be performed, and surviving family members could receive a financial settlement on behalf of their deceased loved one.

Automobile Accidents

With the busy highways and distracted drivers, automobile accidents can vary in the degree of the injuries an individual receives. Whether an individual suffered whiplash or brain damage, they should seek the help of an injury lawyer in Tucson to receive a financial settlement. A victim could be entitled to receive lost wages, payment of medical bills from the accident, compensation for pain and suffering, and so much more.

Individuals who are unable to return to work because of their injuries could be entitled to future wages. A victim that receives a permanent injury like brain damage, broken bones, permanent scarring, or the loss of a limb, they might be entitled to higher compensation.

Price and Price Law has many years of experience representing victims who have been injured by the negligent act of another individual. Give them a call and receive a free consultation regarding your case.