A Personal Injury Lawyer Alpharetta GA is an advocate for victims of detrimental accidents. These accidents may produce significant damage in which some are irreversible. In these instances, your medical records are key pieces to the puzzle that determine how and why your injuries occurred. Your attorney will review these pieces and develop your case until the entire puzzle is completed. Once your case is constructed, he or she will present it effectively to the judge.

Animal Attacks and Pet Owners’ Rights

Filing a claim against a pet owner may present the probability of difficult territory. In these cases, both the victim and the pet owner have rights in which their attorney must protect. The judge will review the severity of the injuries sustained to determine if the animal poses a threat to the public. In some cases, the victim may request that the pet owner euthanize the animal. This is a tall order and may not be accommodated based on the pet owner’s rights. However, if the injuries caused the death or dismemberment of the victim, the judge will take this element into consideration.

Compensation for Injuries

Most property owners have homeowner’s insurance for liabilities and damages that occur in or around their homes. Animal attacks are covered within these policies. However, the insurance coverage may not provide extensive compensation for these injuries. If you are the victim of an animal attack, it is important that you discuss the details of your injuries with your attorney. He or she will establish an appropriate amount of compensation to help you cover your medical costs.


Personal injuries encompass numerous probabilities. The manner in which the injuries are sustained dictates the type of personal injury case. In the event that the injuries were the result of a domestic animal attack, the victim has a viable claim against the pet owner. Some victims require euthanization of the pet, but this option is only available for pets that have become imminent threats to the public. Your attorney will fight for your right by filing a claim against the pet owner to secure compensation for your injuries. For more information about personal injuries and animal attacks you can Visit Site.