You can get a tooth extraction procedure taken care of from your dentist in Lakehurst NJ. This could be used in the event that there is a tooth that is growing improperly or you have wisdom teeth that are not growing the right way. The reasons as to why a tooth extraction procedure is needed for your functions include several points such as:

* Damages to the socket where the tooth is located

* A tooth shifting over another tooth

* Overcrowding taking place

* Wisdom teeth getting in the way and adding pressure to your teeth

* Injured teeth that might have become too crooked and may not be easy to repair without removing it and getting an implant ready

The procedure is used with several steps in mind. These steps involve not only getting the actual tooth removed but preparing you for the procedure. The ability to keep your teeth secure at the end of the procedure is also important to see. Here is a look at the steps that are used for getting the tooth extraction process going.

1. An appropriate procedure is used to keep your body relaxed. Sedative materials are often used.

2. An antibiotic may be used. This is to protect your teeth from the bacteria that might be in an area during the procedure.

3. A numbing compound is injected into the area that the tooth to be removed in is located. This is to protect your area.

4. An explorer is used on the tooth. An explorer is made with a curved design to see if you can feel it and to see how the design of the tooth works.

5. Dental pliers are then used to move the tooth back and forth. This is to loosen up the area and to get the tooth removed from the roots and gums. You may experience a bit of pressure here but the sedative materials that are being used should be protecting your teeth to keep them comfortable.

6. A vacuum is used to remove saliva and other materials from the area to protect the tooth area from being impacted.

The procedure for keeping the process comfortable after it takes place has to be reviewed carefully. A dentist in Lakehurst NJ has to make sure that you are safe enough to where you can actually drive a car or do other common functions after the procedure. You have to fully recover from the sedation and keep from feeling pains if you are going to do anything outside of the office. Some rules may have to be used:

* Some medications may be used to control the pain

* You may have to change your diet for a few days; your dentist can inform you of what you have to do

* A follow-up visit is required to see that your removal site is safe

The needs for tooth removal are important. The process that your dentist in Lakehurst NJ can use for helping you out with your teeth is important. It must be used with the right procedure to keep the removal process going well. This has to be used the right way to see that you can feel comfortable and relaxed during and after the process.