The vast majority of OEMs outsource a large amount of the work involved in the manufacturing of parts and components in any industry. It is no longer cost-effective to do these tasks in-house as they are too specialized and require advanced equipment and technology to both install and maintain.

One of the tasks that are outsourced by most OEMs in any industry is the heating treatment of steel parts and components. By turning to specialized heat treating steel companies, the OEM has the benefit of the latest in equipment, the most precise control over the process as well as the ability to have value-added services completed to speed up fabrication and time to market.

When comparing heat treating steel companies, there are several important issues to consider carefully. As each type of part or component may have different requirements in the process used, finding one company that can work on all heat treating processes needed by the OEM streamlines the number of contract manufacturers required.

Quality Control

Quality control over all processes and value-added services is a crucial consideration in any industry. In selecting a company, look for ISO 9001 certification as well as other specific industry-related standard requirements. This can include ISO14001, ISO 17025 or Nadcap, IATF or AS 9100 compliant.

Process Development

Look for heat treating steel companies that continually invest in their ability to develop specific, controlled processes. Many of the top companies now offer automated systems that offer continual feed types of processes that not only speed up production, but that also provide consistent results within orders as well as between orders.

Cost Savings Options

The best companies work closely with the OEM to provide the heat treatment that is right for the part or component and also offers the lowest cost. Saving even a small amount on each part can make a big impact on profitability on large volume orders.