The car’s carpet is one part that sees a lot of actions, and if it is not protected, it will wear out fast. The muddy shoes, the luggage in the cargo, and friction by foot, all these will cause a lot of damage if the carpet is not protected. The constant attack from spills, wear, and other messes will leave you with a damaged, stained, or ripped carpet. Installing Husky Liners Weatherbeater floor liners is an innovative way to protect the interior flooring of your vehicle. But how do the liners protect the interior?

Covering the Carpet
Liners, just like mats will cover the carpet in your car. All-weather liners can trap substances and particles that would otherwise harm your car’s carpet. Spillage of coffee and sodas onto your car’s carpet are largely unavoidable because accidents do happen. However, you can prevent them from damaging the carpet by fitting floor liners. The liners are designed to prevent liquids from seeping through to soak in the carpet. Dirt is also everywhere. Think of it this way; shoes will trap dust and mud, which may end up on the carpet. Pet paws leave dirt that will stick in the carpet. The tools in the trunk are carrying with them mud, dust, and dirt that will fall on the car flooring surface. You can prevent the mess caused by such substances by installing Husky Liners Weatherbeater floor liners.

What About the Everyday Wear and Tear?
Keeping the interior spotless and clean is not enough; the unprotected carpets will wear out due to things like friction. It is possible that you have seen heel marks and worn down carpets in vehicles. When you rest the shoes and heels on your vehicle’s carpet, you are subjecting it to friction. The grating at the carpet will leave it drab, torn, and faded. It is very costly to repair a worn-down carpet. Installing Husky Liners Weatherbeater floor liners provides a buffer between the feet and the car’s carpet thereby slowing down the wear process.

Liners fitted on the vehicle’s floor may not offer complete protection; however, they act as a line of defense and shield the floor against damaging activities and substances such as the normal foot traffic and the particles stuck on shoes, which eventually fall on the carpets.