Oak and maple are the favorite hardwoods provided for most projects across Milwaukee, whether you are constructing a kitchen floor, a wood cabin or a shed for your garden equipment. The best help, advice, and education can be provided by companies that offer industrial lumber and take the care, pride, and passion in helping you select the best hardwood for your job.

Why Is Hardwood Better?

Hardwoods are extremely durable. This is partly because they are from slow-growing broadleaved trees. Compared to softwood, hardwood timber is a higher density, which makes them stronger and longer lasting. The cellular structure of hardwood is denser when compared to softwood, and this provides the strength when using hardwood from your lumber company choice for building.

Industrial lumber companies understand all there is to know about hardwood and softwood and will be able to provide all the advice that you require for choosing the best wood for your job.

Although you may prefer European or tropical hardwoods, temperate hardwoods are more easily available from the sustainable forests.

When purchasing hardwood, it is easier to go direct to an industrial lumber yard because they are more likely to carry the types and quantities of wood that you require for completing your project. The local DIY superstore will not provide you with the information and care that you require because they are broadly based in their understanding of their supplies, whereas an industrial lumber company understands everything there is to know about wood.

Hardwood is easy to maintain and may only need sweeping and mopping to keep your floor clean. To bring it back to its original look, sanding the surface and adding varnish will have it looking as good as new. Sanding, varnishing, and waxing will help you repair any dents or scratches in hardwood.

Hardwood is naturally warm, which is great for both comforts and being good for insulation.