Wood floors are a valuable addition to any room. While they add value and beauty, you need to take a time to prepare for the day of installation. This will help to ensure that the installation day will progress as quickly as possible. In addition, there are some requirements to be met with the wood before it can be installed.

One of the things to do before your Wood Flooring Installation is to make sure your wood is acclimated to the home’s temperature. In order to prevent warping, wood needs time to adapt to your home’s environment. So, make sure to have your wood flooring available at least three days before the installation is to occur. This is also a good time to check your order and make sure you have at least ten percent extra on hand.

Another thing to do to prepare is to take out all of the furniture of the room. This includes removing the old flooring and cleaning up all the dust and dirt from the removal process. If the wood flooring is going to be placed on top of the old flooring, the old flooring needs to be cleaned very well prior to the date of the installation. By preparing the room before the installation, there won’t be a rush to clean it out on the day of installation.

You also need to make plans for pets and children on the day of your Wood Flooring Installation. Since the installers need to have room to work, kids and pets can slow down the whole process. While it is fine for kids to watch, there will be equipment that they should not play with. Since some pets are not happy with strangers in their home, it can be better for them to have them boarded for the day or to spend time at a playmate’s house until after the installation is over.

These are some of the ways to prepare for the installation of your New York Wood Flooring. Your order should arrive a few days early to help the wood acclimated to its new environment. Make sure the room is as clean as possible on the day of installation. You should also keep curious pets and kids away for the day.