You’re probably wondering which benefit you should apply for if you’ve recently been injured. Disability benefits can provide you with the compensation you need during this challenging time. However, you’ll need to apply for a specific type of benefit. Work disability is not the same as SSDI in Phoenix, AZ. Here’s why:

SSDI Is a Governmental Benefit

The main difference between work disability and SSDI in Phoenix, AZ, is that SSDI is a governmental benefit. The Social Security Administration issues SSDI payments. Work disability benefits come from an insurance company that you pay while you’re working.

SSDI Is Long-Term

To qualify for SSDI in Phoenix, AZ, you will have to have a long-term injury. In other words, your medical provider will have to complete medical documentation that certifies that your injury will last longer than a year. You will not have to meet that requirement for the disability benefits you receive from work. You will only have to prove that you do have an injury. The benefit will pay you until you return to work.

SSDI Has Stringent Requirements

SSDI in Phoenix, AZ, has more stringent requirements than work disability. It might be in your best interest to hire an attorney if you intend to apply for this benefit. The reason is that many claims receive denials the first time around. An attorney can ensure that your paperwork is complete and you receive a green light on your application. Work disability claims do not have such stringent requirements, and they are likely to receive approval without an attorney.

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