If you are thinking of stretching out your ear lobes so that you can wear earplugs, then maybe it’s time to move forward! Earplugs are becoming more popular, but they’re not entirely mainstream yet as a fashion statement. This means that by creating some ear-piercing tunnels in your own lobes, you can be in a position to rock a look that will make you stand out in an extremely hip way but not get you excluded from anything for being odd or extreme.

Why it may be for you

Ear piercing tunnels can be created in varied sizes, and you can use all kinds of plugs. This means that your ear lobes become a canvas for expressing your very own personality, and you have many, many options.

Another big plus is that, compared to other body modifications for jewelry, stretching your earlobes is just not that painful. In fact, most people find the actual piercing to be the most painful part, so, if you’ve already gone through that, you’re past the hard part. Stretching your earlobes is usually less painful than getting a tattoo.

As with any type of body modification for jewelry, stretching your earlobes is not a decision to be taken lightly. Do your research, talk to those who have had it done and don’t start the process on a whim. Once you’ve got your earlobes stretched, you can make a bold and beautiful statement.

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