Gluten is a protein found in most flour products. It helps bread maintain a stable structure so that it can be made into bigger or more intricate loaves. However, many people are allergic to gluten, and this fact has prompted a rise in awareness of the health benefits of gluten free options. Noodles are no exception.

Eating gluten free does not mean finding foods that have had the protein removed. It means finding tasty foods that lack the protein in the first place, and there are plenty of those. Fruits, veggies, dairy products and meats all fall under this category. Most noodles, though, do not. A delicious exception are pho noodles, which are a staple of Vietnamese cuisine and perhaps the best gluten free noodles.

Pho noodles are the recognizably long noodles that hang down from a fork or chopsticks. Unlike Italian noodles, they are made from white rice flour, which does not contain gluten. This means that the chewy texture and full-bodied flavor they naturally have can be enjoyed by everyone, including those wanting to eat a healthier diet with few alterations. Pho soup combines these noodles with a beef or poultry broth that is flavored with herbs. Once you are finished eating the noodles, do not be afraid to tip the bowl up and finish off the broth. The savory flavors are what make pho some of the best gluten free noodles out there.

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