Getting your rugs professionally cleaned is a necessary evil if you’ve invested in a high-quality area rug. Whether it’s a modern piece or an Oriental carpet that requires special cleaning due to its delicate dyes and structure, getting a rug cleaned by professionals is part of the investment of a rug purchase. Here are a few tips about how to choose a cleaner that will treat your rug right and give you the most bang for your buck.

1. Check Qualifications

Find a reliable rug dealer that you trust, call them ask them who is the best cleaner. Most rug dealers provide the service of rug cleaning and sometimes it is the best place to get it done. If the rug dealer is a direct importer or a manufacturer of rugs they better understand the construction of the rug you have and know when to be more delicate and when to use specific cleaning methods. Some rugs are destroyed by just applying water to them like Persian Silks while other carpets have other complications. Call you rug dealer like Ashly Fine Rugs who does all their washing work at their own site with the most appropriate shampoos and methods. Sites that are associations and the Better Business Bureau are paid advertisement clubs that have no real checking in progress. Do not go by those site, today the reviews on Google and Social media are your best bet to see who is doing a good job and if clients are pleased with the work. Do your homework, franchise companies are the least qualified because anyone can just buy the franchise and become a cleaner. Companies who are in business for generations have stuck around for one reason, they know what they are doing and they take pride like Ashly Fine Rugs. So if you would like to get you rug cleaned because the dog or cat went on it or if its just time to get it cleaned, call Ashly Fine Rugs for a pick up or just drop it off during business hours.

2. Why Hire a Rug Cleaner

Rug cleaning isn’t only about maintaining the beauty and cleanliness of your rug, but also about hygiene. Rugs can hide all kinds of mites, dust, dirt and other allergens in the home if they’re not properly cleaned. Vacuuming is always prudent but a professional rug cleaner can do a more thorough job. Rugs are laid out, washed down and then inspected by experts. If you have allergies or other health concerns, a rug cleaning can be just as good for you as taking vitamins every day.

3. How to Save Money on a Cleaning

The vast majority of rug cleaning companies offer special discounts for a variety of things. This can range from rug sizes to holiday special sales and other incentives. The best thing to do is to hop on the company’s website to check out any sales. Due to the fact you’ll be dealing with a local business, any special deals or promotions are going to be listed exclusively on their social media accounts or website. You can save quite a bit by doing the legwork.

If you have an area rug in your home, it’s inevitable you’ll need to get it professionally cleaned to maintain its lifespan. With a little comparison shopping and smart timing, though, the process can be affordable and well worth the money spent.