Facts About Oriental Rugs For Sale In Houston

by | Nov 20, 2018 | Rug Store, Rugs

Most people in Houston are familiar with the style of rugs traditional known as Oriental or Persian rugs. In fact, these rugs have their name from the part of the world in which they were originally made. Rugs made in Persia were also further distinguished by the name of the city where they were hand woven, and these styles, patterns, and designs are still recognized by collectors and Oriental rug lovers around the world.

Authenticity with New and Antique Rugs

The modern Oriental rugs may be made by hand in the traditional fashion, or they can be produced by machines. There is a significant difference in both price and quality, with the hand-knotted rugs more costly, but also more luxurious and typically thicker in the number of knots per square inch. Rugs made by machine, even today, should be sold as Oriental style or design or Persian style or design to distinguish them from the handmade rugs.

Even more difficult to find and true collectors’ items are the antique Oriental rugs that are often sold through top rug dealers such as Ashly Fine Rugs, in Houston Tx. These dealers can authenticate the rugs and, based on the specific designs, method of hand knotting and other factors, they can determine where and in a general time frame the rugs were made.

Slight patterns of wear on antique Oriental rugs are not a negative factor. Significant areas of damage or repair to the rugs will lower their value, but this is also subjective based on the overall design elements, the colors and the workmanship that is evident in the particular rug.

In Houston, finding antique, vintage or new rugs that are Oriental or Persian is a great addition to any room in a home. They are often used as area rugs for living rooms, libraries, dining rooms and even for bedrooms, with different colors, patterns, border elements and motifs making them a classic choice.

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