While it might be easy to envision a lovely memorial service for yourself or a loved one, it can be much more difficult to do so when the time arrives. Losing someone close to you can disrupt every aspect of your life and make decision-making difficult. Add to this the weight of finding readings, songs, and prayers that are appropriate for the gravity of a funeral service, and you can easily be left feeling overwhelmed.

Here are a few pointers for selecting details for your loved one’s funeral service that are both appropriate and meaningful:

Consider Your Faith

Religion can play an important part in a funeral service. If your loved one was a member of a specific faith, you will likely want to incorporate prayers and readings from scripture that are appropriate for their memorial service.

For some families, this may be a cherished passage or a prayer that was beloved by the deceased. For others, it may be a matter of tradition or a suggestion by the priest or other religious leader. Regardless, your family or loved one’s faith can be a very important factor in finding the right words to share during this important event.

Let Family and Friends Contribute

When a person passes away, there are always people left behind to share memories and mourn together. These people can be a source of comfort for one another and can also help to make the funeral service more meaningful by contributing.

A widowed spouse can choose the decedent’s favorite songs to play during the service. Parents can share cherished memories of their child who has passed. Children can select scripture or inspiring quotes that remind them of their deceased parents.

All these contributions can help create a beautiful, moving funeral service that is both personalized and poignant.

Struggling to find the right words to memorialize a loved one may not be as simple for your family as following these suggestions. If you are still struggling, the staff at your chosen funeral home in Brownstown may be able to recommend some touching and appropriate selections that fit your needs. Be sure to speak to your funeral home director to find out if this is an option.

Remember, the most important part of memorializing your loved one is that you do so from a place of genuine care. Beyond that, anything your family chooses will be the right choice for you. To learn more contact Our Lady of Hope Cemetery today.