A persian rug is a treasure that deserves proper care. Families pass down these artworks for generations of their family to enjoy. It is possible to use and enjoy these types of rugs, but an older rug should undergo a complete restoration before it experiences any use. Once it is repaired, it takes professional cleaning to ensure it stays beautiful. Here is what this type of service will offer.

Start with Inspection

A valuable persian rug in Fairfield County CT should not undergo the traditional deep cleaning a home that upholstery and carpeting experience. Instead, it should go to a service that handles this type of material. The first step is to look over the rug for any signs of damage and to document these inspections. Documentation will include any stains, odors or other problems noticed.

Remove the Dirt

A persian rug in Fairfield County CT must have all dirt removed before any cleaning takes place. Sand, small stones, and the other types of debris deposited on rugs often have sharp edges. The edges of the debris can tear the fibers of the rug if it remains as the carpet is scrubbed.

Pretreat Bad Areas

Heavily soiled sections and areas with noticeable odors or stains receive a pre-treatment. The method is the same one used for laundry stains. A pre-treatment removes a stubborn stain or smell that may not come off during general cleaning.

Clean the Rug

Finally, the rug can undergo the cleaning process. A fabric-safe cleanser helps to remove the dirt and release any odors. The colors of the rug will become more vibrant as the process takes place. The fibers will loosen and stand up again once the heavy dirt is holding them down washes away. Multiple rinses of the rug happen after the rug is soaked and scrubbed. The rinses ensure all soap comes out because if it is left behind it will dull the rug colors and could cause dirt to stick more easily to the fibers.

The final steps include water extraction and a circulated air process that dries the fibers quickly. A final inspection is performed to ensure stain removal was successful. Visit our website to learn more about persian rug care and cleaning.