How to Convert Your Customer from Browsing to Purchasing

by | Mar 14, 2017 | Packaging

As you stroll through the wide aisles of the super-sized grocery store, as a customer, you are going to be making choices about products, and many of those selections will be based upon the visual image provided by the food packaging suppliers. When you consider some of the poorly presented packagings, you must wonder how they sell any products or even manage to get them on the shelves. The competition for space is extremely difficult to beat.

Do You Look Beyond the Front Cover?

There are six sides to most boxes, and all can effectively become part of the marketing package if considered carefully, although it is the front display that will first attract a customer.

There is the opportunity for food packaging suppliers to provide a mixture of colors and fonts that are attractive to the purchaser. They also have the chance to present information that is fun and entertaining, perhaps describing elements about their company and the story of their brand.

The FDA rules dictate the information and must be provided on the nutritional information panel. Traditionally this is on the right side of the box. When companies discuss a new brief with their food packaging suppliers, this presents an opportunity to consider the best use of fonts, colors and marketing messages.

Companies can add value by offering a free menu item within the packaging. Those same companies should always provide their website address so that customers can go online to find further information about the company, its product, and the branding.

Packaging that appears as extra special may sit for longer in pride of place in a consumer’s home. This is one of the reasons that they may return and purchase the same item again. Repeat sales are the lifeblood of all companies.

Where the packaging is a marketing and advertising method, rather than a container to hold the product, there is a significantly higher opportunity for the customer to move from browsing to purchasing your goods.

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