How to Keep Your Pets Safe When an Exterminator is in Your Home

by | Apr 15, 2022 | Pest Control, Pet Service

Anytime you have to call an exterminator in Minnetonka, you need to prepare your home for the visit. No matter what, you need to do your best to keep any pets that you have safe. Some chemicals that exterminators use can be harmful to pets. The Be There Pest Control will do its best to make sure that your pets are not harmed, but you should still take the appropriate precautions.

Talk to Your Exterminator in Minnetonka

Before your appointment, take the time to talk with the Be There Pest Control to discuss your pets. Be sure that you tell them what pets you have. The team will then tell you what you should do to prepare for the visit and what you will need to do after the exterminator has left.

Don’t Leave Your Pets Loose in Your Home During Pest Control Services

Chemicals that your exterminator in Minnetonka may use during the pest treatment could be harmful to your animals. Even if there are no chemicals used or the chemicals are safe, you should keep your pets contained during the visit. The exterminator may scare them and get them worked up unnecessarily, which could cause them to attack.

Most chemicals are contained to areas that pets do not come into contact with, such as behind baseboards or under countertops, but be sure that you ask about the safety of your pet if the exterminator makes no mention of it.

The best way to contain your pet for the safety of all involved is in a pet carrier, kennel, or room that is not being treated by the exterminator. If you try to hold your pet, it could become scared or aggressive and accidentally hurt you.

Protecting Birds, Fish, and Reptiles

If you have birds, fish, or reptiles in your home, they may need special attention depending on what pest control services you are receiving. You talk to the exterminator as well as your veterinarian in order to determine what precautions you should take.

If it is safe to leave these pets in your home during the treatment, you should cover up their tank or cage with a towel or blanket so that any over spray of chemical or mist that goes airborne will not enter their habitat. Be aware that some birds are particularly sensitive and may have to be removed from your home during the service.

With a few precautions, you can keep your pets safe during the pest control services so that you have a pest free home to enjoy together for years to come.

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