There are quite a few NGOs associated with disaster relief and preparedness campaigns across India. As a part of the disaster relief campaigns, these organizations provide food, medical care, education, housing, and livelihood programs to help individuals overcome and rebuild their lives.
These campaigns have been organized in different disaster-laden areas like Maharashtra, Karnataka, Assam, and other parts of India where disasters have resulted in affecting thousands of people!

During natural disasters, your co-operation and support can restore hope and trust in the victims of nature’s wrath.

These social reforming trusts and NGOs provide disaster relief support, be it orthopedic and prosthetic help to the injured, vocational training for widows, temporary shelters, water storage facilities, and schools.

List of disasters where social reformers have offered help:

• Gujarat Earthquake of 2001
• The tsunami of 2004 in Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh
• Flash floods in Mumbai in 2005
• Bihar floods in 2008
• Leh Ladhak floods of 2010
• Nepal Earthquake of 2015
• Gujarat Floods of 2017

The emergence of medical camps

The charitable trusts have also opened several medical camps in disaster-affected regions. Services offered are offering medical assistance to:

• Malnutrition check
• Childhood Illnesses
• Respiratory Diseases
• General Check-Ups
• Artificial Prosthetics
• Physiotherapy treatments
• Cataract surgeries
• Vision CorrectionSpreading helping hand with disaster relief programs
• Spectacle donation
• Cancer screening & Treatment
• Pediatric consultation
• Diagnostic tests
• Blood pressure checkup
• Blood sugar checkup
• Dental care treatment

Standing at the forefront, these charitable trusts offer health, hygiene, education, and survival supplies to the afflicted. Please donate as per your ability for the disaster relief program.