When they hire the right commercial AC installers in Beavercreek OH property owners shouldn’t have to worry about whether or not everything will go as planned. The fact that they can expect professionalism doesn’t mean that there’s nothing that commercial property owners can do to get prepared, though. Read on to find out how to get ready for a new AC installation.

Choose the Right Unit

Commercial air conditioning units should always be chosen carefully to accommodate the building’s size and the needs of the company using it. Most HVAC technicians will be more than happy to discuss options with their clients prior to scheduling the installation, itself. Expect at least one site evaluation prior to the scheduled installation, as this will allow the HVAC company to assess the building and its tenant’s unique needs.

Inspect Existing Ducts and Ventilation

If the building already has existing ductwork and ventilation that will be used in conjunction with the new AC system, make a point of having all of these components carefully inspected prior to the installation. There’s no sense in investing in a new, more efficient AC unit if the old ducts are just going to negate the effects of the efficiency upgrade by allowing all that cool air to slip through the cracks. Plus, ducts and vents need to be cleaned periodically to ensure proper airflow and this is a great time to schedule maintenance.

Ask About Additional Services

Some businesses may be able to benefit from working with a company that can do more than just send over the commercial AC installers in Beavercreek OH businesses need to keep their spaces cool. Restaurant and commercial kitchen owners, for instance, may want to inquire about refrigeration installation and repair services, as well. Working with the same company for heating, cooling, and refrigeration can cut down on both costs and hassles so it’s worth working with a company that does it all.

Get Started Now

Want to have that new commercial AC installed by the hottest months of summer? It’s time to take action. Visit us online to learn about one local HVAC company that can help or call today to request an appointment.