Sewer inspections in Indianapolis IN can save property owners a good amount of money. When a serious sewer problem happens, it’s usually not something that a homeowner can fix themselves. It’s not like unclogging a pipe that’s under the kitchen sink. The work is much more involved.

What Does The Sewer Line Do?

In order to understand why a sewer inspection is important, a homeowner has to learn what their sewer line does. The sewer line transports waste from inside the home to the city’s sewer system or the property’s septic tank. It’s easy to see why a problem with a sewer line can cause an issue for a home. Anyone who needs help can check out

Signs An Inspection Is Needed

So when should property owners get sewer inspections in Indianapolis IN? If a homeowner can’t remember the last time they got an inspection, it’s time to get one. Neglecting a sewer line is far too easy. Some homeowners have never had inspections done. Another sign is when the house starts to smell bad because of the drains. The odor will smell like sewage and is easy to recognize.

More Signs Help Is Needed

Sewer line problems can cause a home to have problems with all its drains. Frequent backups can start to happen. The backups will usually start at the lower levels of a property and then affect higher floors. The backups are a sign that the flow of waste has been restricted inside the sewer line. Pouring chemical cleaners down the home’s drains will not result in any improvement. If a home is connected to a septic tank, abusing chemical drain cleaners will just cause more problems.

How Often Should Sewer Lines Be Checked?

A large household that puts a lot of strain on the home’s sewer line should get more frequent inspections. Having an inspection done every couple years is usually enough to keep a sewer system from developing any serious issues. A person who lives by themselves can usually get by with waiting longer between inspections.

Sewer lines are often neglected by property owners. That’s a big mistake that can cost money. Getting an inspection doesn’t take too much time and isn’t expensive.