How To Prepare For Dog Grooming In Crofton

by | Nov 30, 2018 | Veterinary

It is important to take specific steps to prepare a dog for a professional dog grooming in Crofton appointment. Preparing the pet for the experience will make the process go smoothly for the pet owner, the groomer, and the pet. The following tips will help dog owners to understand the steps towards preparing a dog for a grooming experience.

Prepare as Early as Possible.

One of the best ways to prepare a dog for grooming is to start as early as possible. Starting consistent grooming practices on puppies will help make future grooming appointments quite a bit easier. This step will help dogs to get used to nail trimmings as they grow up feeling comfortable with the entire process.

Brush Dogs Regularly.

Brushing fur regularly is one of the best ways to prepare a dog for professional grooming in Crofton. This will help keep the hair free of knots and ensure that the grooming process will be as painless as possible. Dog fur should be brushed out every day or at least every few days to keep it properly maintained.

Pay Attention to Ears and Feet.

It is very important to check the dog’s ears and feet on a regular basis. Dirt and debris will often build up quickly in these spots and dog owners should check them on a consistent basis. To keep the dog healthy and looking great it is important to schedule regular grooming appointments so the ears and feet can be cleaned and maintained properly.

Stay Calm During The Grooming.

Pet owners need to remember to stay calm during the grooming process because this will help the pet feel less anxiety. Do not try to check in on the dog or arrive early for pick up because this will get the dog too excited. Be specific about expectations including nail trimming and hair cutting because this will ensure that the pet groomer and the pet owner are on the same page.

Gambrills Veterinary Services.

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