Six months after a child receives their first tooth or by the age of one, the child should be seen by a dentist. At the dental examination, a pediatric dentist in Brockport area will examine the child’s teeth, check for any potential problems and provide information on oral habits to the parent that will promote healthy teeth. However, visiting a dentist can be a scary experience for a young child and you want to make the visit a positive one for them. Before your kid visits a dental office for the first time or each subsequent visit, there are a few steps you can take to make the appointment easy on them.

Ways to Ease Dental Anxiety

  • Select a pediatric dentist in Brockport that has experience working with children.
  • Before their dental appointment, you should visit the office and introduce your dental team.
  • Consult with the office on ways they can make the experience a positive one for your child.
  • Bring along a favorite toy or stuffed animal for them to hold during the visit.
  • Start at an early age.
  • Keep any information you provide the child about the visit simple to avoid unnecessary anxiety.
  • Do not use words such as hurt, shots or pain that can scare children.

Make the Visit a Fun Experience with Skilled Professionals

At Brockport Dental, they understand that children and even adults suffer from dental anxiety. That is why they strive to create a comfortable and friendly environment to ease each patient’s fear during their visit. When you schedule an appointment with their office talk with the staff member about how they can help ease your child’s fear of visiting a dentist. You can make the experience a fun and positive one when you work with a courteous dental team.