Should You Contact A Disability Lawyer?

by | Sep 14, 2018 | Lawyers

Whether an individual was injured at work or elsewhere, they will almost certainly have a better outcome to their case when they hire a Disability Lawyer. A worker who is injured on the job usually believes that their employer will take care of them. The insurance company that represents the employer will do everything possible to limit the amount of money they pay an injured worker and limit who they approve for disability payments.

Working offshore can be a dangerous situation and result in serious or permanent injuries and even death. When an individual is injured, the last thing they should have to do is fight with the insurance company for coverage of their medical bills or lost wages. When an experienced disability attorney is hired, a victim can focus on healing from their injuries while the lawyer negotiates with the insurance company and protects the victim’s rights.

Offshore Injuries

Offshore injuries are covered by the Maritime Law and can include explosions, burns, as well as chemical exposure and slip and fall accidents. Although OSHA is responsible for establishing safety regulations, employers are responsible for providing a safe work environment for their employees. Even with safety guidelines and a safe working environment, accidents can still occur.


Injured workers are entitled to payment of their medical bills and a portion of their wages. The Louisiana law is a no-fault system, and an employee is entitled to benefits if they were injured on the job. An injured worker can choose which doctor they would like to see.

In addition to current wages and medical bill payments, employers are liable for future medical treatment if those treatments are related to the work injury. When an employee has injuries that will not heal or require a lifetime of medical care, the employee can feel confident that a Disability Lawyer will protect their rights.

An injured worker does not have to suffer a lifetime of financial strain because of an injury they received on the job. A disability lawyer will make sure the employee does not miss any deadlines. For more information about hiring an attorney, please visit You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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