If you are a company looking for a specific type of machinery – one designed to address your product’s unique demands, it is imperative to find the right type of fabrication company or machine shop. Without the best possible match, you may not be able to obtain the specialty equipment you require to produce your products. Astute companies in Minneapolis who have been in this same situation suggest caution. They recommend you look carefully at the potential candidates keeping in mind specific criterion.


Specialized equipment requires a shop capable of not only producing a reputable and functioning prototype and product, but also one that works in partnership with your company to accomplish this. The ability to communicate is beneficial in any job but is of supreme value when the final product must meet unique specifications. For a fabrication shop to produce the desired specialty equipment, it must possess certain characteristics.

  • Expertise: Does the shop possess the expertise to do the job?
  • Experience: Does it have the level of experience you require?
  • Equipment: Does it possess the latest and most appropriate technology to do design and produce your machinery?
  • Services: Does it provide everything from design to prototype to manufacturing to delivery and installation? Do they also provide post-installation support?
  • Reliability: Does it have a reputation for adhering to their deadlines?
  • Co-operation and Communication: Does it have the ability to work in partnership with you and your staff? Can their team communicate effectively?

Specialty Equipment

Not every machine or fabrication shop is capable of working with your company to ensure a successful completion – let alone produce a unique workpiece. When it comes to specialty equipment, Minneapolis companies know it is essential to choose only those companies that have the experience and expertise to handle the work. Communication skills and the ability to deliver the project on time as well as superior post-production services are also characteristics of the right company for your job possesses.