When you want to do something special for yourself, consider cosmetic dentistry in Northbrook, IL. Repairing your damaged teeth is a good way to improve your appearance, and there are several treatments designed to create an attractive smile. Visiting a dentist for a smile evaluation is the first step to learning more about the procedures that are offered by your local dentist. A teeth-whitening procedure is one of the fastest ways to have a beautiful smile, and it is completely painless for the patient. A dentist can apply the hydrogen peroxide to your stained teeth and inject the water to lift ugly stains.

Our Dentist Can Repair the Chips on Your Teeth

The teeth toward the front of your mouth may develop chips as part of the natural aging process. This is caused by daily wear and tear, but with cosmetic dentistry in Northbrook, you can have the problem repaired with dental bonding. This process is also fast and noninvasive because the dentist cleans your tooth before applying a color-matching liquid resin. After the resin hardens, it is shaped and polished to create a normal appearance. The dental bonding on the teeth will last for many years, but a dentist can replace it when it begins to wear away.

We Can Order and Attach Your Customized Dental Veneers

If you have front teeth that are too narrow or that have an odd shape, then with cosmetic dentistry from a Northbrook dentist, you can have teeth that look perfect. A dentist can order thin veneers that will fit over the front teeth, and these restorations are attached with a waterproof resin. The color of the veneers will match the other teeth, giving you a smile that will lift your self-esteem. Contact us at Chicago Beautiful Smiles at our website now.