Are you interested in an exceptional cigar? You might want to try one of the many Hoyo de Moneterrey selections. These excellent smokes are made with rich Honduran tobacco, in the way of the Indians. The tobacco is described as a product of the soil, wind, and sunshine, and this creates top quality, full bodied cigars.

It Started in 1865

Hoyo de Moneterrey cigars came from a man called Jose Gener. He was a well respected tobacco grower from the Vulelto Abajo area of Cuba. The roots of this fine cigar are deep in this tobacco growing region of Western Cuba, where some of the best smokes on the planet are created.

What is a Full Bodied Cigar?

When you smoke a cigar, you will receive a full, medium, or mild flavor experience. A cigar’s body is all about the smoke intensity or strength. Full strength cigars deliver a complete smoking experience, and when they come from the finest tobacco, you receive a special feeling. Many cigar smokers prefer the full flavor experience which comes from Hoyo de Moneterrey fine smokes. If you like a cigar taste to be robust and rich, then full flavor is the best option.

Hoyo de Moneterrey Churchills

Named after famous cigar smoker Winston Churchill, these smokes are very rich and deliver what has been described as a “creamy taste” sensation. The taste of the Churchill cigar is sometimes called sweet and salty at the same time, and it is very difficult to deliver this kind of flavor in a premium smoke.

Even though the Churchills are full flavor, they deliver an easy draw with a nice slow and even burn. Your great smoking pleasure will last for a long time. This cigar is something to be appreciated if you love the taste of Cubans.

Hoyo de Moneterrey Petit Natural

These great little cigars are very affordable and can be bought in boxes of 20 for under $30, online. Many Petit Natural smokers claim this cigar delivers a variety of flavors from gingerbread, apple cider, leather, and even pepper. They provide a mild taste which is full on flavor, and you will consider these smokes to be well worth the money.

Sultans Natural

If you love a double corona shape, you’ll appreciate the Hoyo de Moneterrey Sultans Natural. The Sultan smoke is made like a traditional old style Cuban cigar. Its blend of tobacco comes from five separate countries. You’ll enjoy full flavor and a smooth smoke, even when it gets toward the end. This is one cigar you’ll want to enjoy frequently.