When a person is looking to hire moving companies in Chicago, Il or other parts of the United States, there are many things you should consider before you hire them. Most people will simply search Google, or flip the yellow pages and pick the moving company who is closest and will cost the less. However, making decisions based on these two criteria can cost you a ton of money in the long run. So, here are a few things you should consider before you hire a moving company and things to consider when you work with them.

Open Communication is Key

No matter what business you are in, proper communication is critical to success. This is no different when it comes to hiring moving companies in Chicago, Il. When you interview moving companies, make sure you meet with the people who will actually be doing the move. Often, you’ll meet the owner or manager of a moving company, but when it comes to moving day, two or more strange guys show up to your home. This is never a good start to a hard working day of moving.

You should also take time to discuss a few things about the contract with your moving company, just to make sure there are no surprises when it comes to the moving day.

* Ask the moving company about expected tips or gratuities to give to the movers and make sure to document this in writing in the contract. Many people don’t understand the concept of gratuities, but people in the service industry usually rely on tips as a part of their income; so take care of the workers, just make sure the company is aware of it and tells you what is customary.

* Make sure you ask the moving company about the time quoted to move your items from one location to the other. This will help you plan your move easier and plan your day as well. Most people who hire moving companies have children, jobs, school and other requirements to meet during each day and having this information is vital to maintaining proper communication for the move.

* Make sure your moving contact is detailed with information about the move, all fee’s, costs, and what type of damage or liability they have. When you get this information up front, you will not have any surprises when and if the inevitable occurs.

* Make sure you communicate with the moving company about how many stairs you have at your new home. One of the worst things a home owner can do is not disclose up front the information about the new location, as this can cause extra fees to be added after the case. Be honest and up front and don’t forget to tell the moving company about how many stairs, any low hanging utility wires, tree branches or obstacles your moving company might encounter during the move.

When you begin with open communication from the beginning, your process of hiring moving companies in Chicago Il can be done much easier and cost effective. For more information visit Aaron Bros. Moving System Inc.