Arrests for DUI’s occur daily. Those who are arrested have the right to contact a lawyer for assistance, though many do not realize they will need to hire a lawyer immediately after the arrest occurs. Though they do have time before their trial, they will want to make sure they seek help from a DUI Lawyer as quickly as possible so the lawyer can start helping with the case.

Dealing With Bail and Being Released from Jail

Most of the time, the bail amount for a DUI is going to be standard. However, if there were exigent circumstances involving the DUI, like if the person is accused of causing a serious accident, the bail amount could be higher. A lawyer will be able to request a lowered bail amount for their client to make it possible for them to be released on bail and continue their life while they await the trial.

Start Working on the Case Fast

Although most people who are arrested for a DUI had something to drink before the arrest, not everyone is actually over the legal limit. It’s possible for a person to appear drunk because of a medical emergency or for the breathalyzer equipment to malfunction and show they’re over the legal limit when they actually did not have too much to drink. In these instances, having a lawyer right away can enable the person to start defending their case by proving they were not over the legal limit and did not actually have a high blood alcohol content like the tests showed. Sometimes, retesting can be beneficial, but it needs to be done immediately to help the case.

If you’ve been arrested and accused of a DUI, you’re going to want to get help immediately. There is a lot a DUI Lawyer can do to help you, and the more time you give them to work on your case, the more they can do. Make sure you visit the website for Addair Thurston Chtd. now to learn more about a lawyer who’s ready to start working on your case. You can hire a lawyer today and have them start working on your case immediately. You can follow them on Twitter.