There are plenty of chemicals from the food and substances we take in every day. For instance, you can find colorants and preservatives in many of your meals. There may also be chlorine in your water. These toxins build up in your body, which can effectively weaken your immune system. A weak immune system will then make you much more vulnerable to chronic illness, Real Simple says.

How do cleanses help?

By replacing all your meals and snacks with juices made from organic fruits and vegetables for about three to seven days, you can flush out the toxins in your system. That’s one way to healthy living. If you want to increase the nutrients in your body while you get rid of the toxins, then check out options for an organic juice cleanse in Brooklyn NY.

Will you lose weight?

While going on a cleansing regimen can help you lose weight, most of that weight will be water. When you start eating solids again, the water content in your body may come back.

What are the possible pitfalls?

If you’re going for a short-term cleanse, then you may end up tired or suffering from headaches more than usual. That’s going to be normal. But if you have a medical condition, you will need to check in with your doctor or primary care physician first. That way, you know if the cleanse will interfere with any of your medication or if it will lead to negative results. Also, if you are breastfeeding or pregnant, you’ll need to steer clear of cleanses. Other than these situations, you can enjoy regular organic juice cleanse in Brooklyn NY with ease. Shop around for places that offer plenty of these cleanses. Some may even sell acai bowls, salads or superfood bowls that you may want to dig into as well.