No matter where you live, a hot tub can be a refreshing addition to a home and that is certainly the case in Texas. When you are considering the installation of a hot tub in your home, you will want to make sure that all work is done properly to avoid problems down the road. A good resource for this is your local plumber in San Antonio, TX.

When you identify the right plumber in San Antonio, TX to help install your new hot tub, there will be some basic steps that you will want to take. The first is to select where and how you would like your hot tub installed. Your decision will be made on a combination of factors from basic preferences (e.g. convenient to get to from inside the house) to practical considerations such as proximity to power and water sources. You will also want to be sure and consult your local municipal building codes to ascertain if there are any specific regulations that you should abide by. Some codes, for example, require that any hot tub be at least a certain amount of feet away from the home or from the property line.

After you have selected a site for your hot tub and have confirmed with your plumber in San Antonio, TX that it can be properly connected and set up there, you will need to adequately prepare the site. Due to the weight of a hot tub when completely filled with water, it is critical that your location be able to provide a firm foundation and grounding. Typically concrete is used for the foundation and is considered to be a cost-effective and funcational solution. When outlining the concrete area, keep in mind that you need to allot a path for the power line to the hot tub, again referencing your local city’s codes for any regulations about the location of the power route.

The next step is delivery and positioning of the hot tub on the foundation, followed by the assembly and connection of the hot tub to the electrical source. This will involve the installation of a breaker due to the high voltage required. Your plumber in San Antonio, TX will be well versed in what is required and able to ensure this is done properly for you. Once this is done, you will be able to clean the interior of the hot tub, as it gets dirty during the installation process, fill it and then enjoy your new spa!

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