Installing Fire Alarm Systems: Who To Consult

by | Apr 13, 2016 | Safety Equipment Supplies

All fire alarm systems work on the same principle. They also have the same purpose. These devices are meant to protect property and save lives. For those who own or manage buildings or other facilities, the many options can be confusing. While each system may offer different properties, not all may be equal to keeping your employees/tenants and assets safe. What is essential is to consult with various experts to ensure the installation of the system is compatible with the needs and demands of the specific structure. In making this decision, it is also necessary that the choice of device comply with the current legal obligations in Iowa.

Who to Consult

Before you decide to install a specific system in Iowa, it is imperative you consult with certain experts and legal advisers in the field. It is always best to do so before a plan is implemented. At the earliest possible stage to talk to the following people:

 * The Local Fire Prevention Officer or other Authority: They should be able to inform you of the specific legislation governing your structure and type of business or enterprise. In such consultations, the focus of the Officer will not be on safeguarding the property or assets. Instead, it will be on the employees or residents and the ability of the system to safeguard their lives.

 * The Health and Safety Officer: They can help you with specifics on types and potential locations

 * Consultant or Architect: If the structure is a new one or is a renovated building, be sure you and they have sufficient information on the area and the law

 * The Insurance Company: Insurance plays a large role in the choice of fire alarm systems. One specific type may reduce the insurance rates while another may increase them

 * The System Installer: Talk to more than one company before you make the decision. Make sure the installers look at the structure before providing you with a specific quote. Have them explain explicitly what they plan to do, where they will place the various components, how they will work and what training is required to operate such things as fire extinguishers. Make sure you also understand about maintenance requirements including who can check the equipment and when

Do not forget to talk to your employees and tenants. They have a stake in making sure the building they work and live in is protected.

The Right Fire Alarm Systems

A fire alarm system provides you, your property and everyone who lives, works and visits there, with protection. You need to make certain it not only suits the structure, and what occurs there, but also meets the requirements of the State of Iowa. The means of accomplishing this is through talking to experts in the field. They can advise you what fire alarm systems will satisfy the demands of the structure and the legal constraints of the state.

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