Things to Know about Fire Pump Inspection in Illinois

by | Mar 29, 2017 | Safety Equipment Supplies

Fire sprinkler systems must have routine maintenance and testing to make sure they stay in good working condition. After all, most fires in Illinois don’t come with advanced warnings. In fact, a fire pump inspection is essential for the safety of your facility and everyone there. Here are some helpful tips on inspecting your pump, to make the process easier and more efficient.

What Are Fire Pumps?

Fire pumps are the heart of most fire sprinkler systems. Suppose a fire breaks out in a warehouse. Heat triggers the sprinkler heads to turn on the system. However, what happens if the water pressure in the area is low? Without special pumps, the system may not work, and the warehouse could suffer major damages. Pumps come on and deliver needed pressure to sprinkler systems when the pressure is low. They are an important safety feature.

Why You Need Regular Fire Pump Inspection in Illinois

Nothing lasts forever, and even the best sprinkler systems can fail over time. Also, how can you tell if everything in the system is working properly unless you inspect it on a regular basis? Routine inspections let you know if your fire suppression system has any problems or potential problems. Here is an example:

Your pump system uses a diesel motor, and the motor needs some minor repairs. By fixing the motor now, you eliminate future pump problems. This is only one of many problems regular fire pump inspections in Illinois can solve.

When Should You Inspect Your System?

A professional inspection service can give you weekly, monthly, and annual inspections for your company. Here is how they can work:

 * Weekly – check pump system and housing, along with HVAC vents
 * Monthly – testing under no-flow conditions
 * Yearly – complete testing for flow conditions

Your inspection service can also make needed repairs.

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