Regardless of whether the project is for an individual homeowner or a major commercial project, construction work and work sites are dangerous. Every day, people who work in the construction industry face extremely dangerous working conditions; as a result there are frequent construction site injuries. Although there are safety inspectors, job safety programs as well as strict regulation, accidents still happen and under certain circumstances may require the skills of a Chicago construction injury lawyer.

Despite all the best efforts of authorities, construction site accidents continue to occur and probably always will occur, it is a dangerous business due to both the number of hazards faced by workers as well as the actual work. Workers are faced with electrocution, falling from scaffolding, being hit by construction vehicles and injuries from using defective or unsafe equipment.

Constructions accidents are complex:

If you have been seriously injured in a construction related accident it is always best to consult with a seasoned Chicago construction injury lawyer. There are many issues that need to be considered, these range from compliance with OSHA standards and regulations through engineering issues. All of these complexities make it imperative that any claim be dealt with by an attorney that has considerable experience in this area of law.

There are numerous individuals and companies that may be partly or wholly liable for a construction related injury:

   * The site owner
   * The general contractor and sub-contractors
   * Architects and engineers
   * Manufacturers and suppliers of construction machinery and equipment
   * Insurers

If you are involved in a construction site accident you should do a number of things to protect your legal rights as well as protecting yourself. You must first arrange for medical attention then you must report the accident to your employer, get the details of any witnesses and make an effort to safeguard evidence by isolating the equipment as well as taking photos in the vicinity of where the injury occurred.  Visit us at Shea Law Group to know more.