It’s Smart To Use A Bankruptcy Lawyer in Sumner WA

by | Jun 20, 2018 | Law Services

Anyone who is thinking of filing for bankruptcy should really consider consulting a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Sumner WA. The bankruptcy process isn’t an easy one to navigate without professional assistance. Someone might be ready to file for bankruptcy and then be advised against doing so when consulting with a lawyer.

Considering Options

When a person consults with a Bankruptcy Lawyer in Sumner WA, they will be told about what their options are for debt relief. A lawyer will objectively look at each person’s situation before advising them on a course of action. Naturally, an individual is free to get more than one opinion on what they should do. If they do decide to go with bankruptcy, having legal counsel is a definite advantage.

More On Options

If bankruptcy is indeed the route that is going to be taken, the filer will have to decide which chapter to use. When a person uses Chapter 7 bankruptcy, they will have to liquidate certain assets so that debts can be paid. On the other hand, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is where a repayment plan is created. A lawyer can carefully go over their client’s financial situation so they know which type of bankruptcy should be filed. Without a lawyer’s help, a person could make a serious mistake and choose the wrong type for their needs.

Other Considerations

Understand that a lot of mistakes can be made with the bankruptcy filing process. An individual who is filing without legal guidance has to follow the same rules as someone who has a qualified lawyer. A small mistake could get a person’s petition denied. An individual who files on their own might end up hiring a lawyer after having their petition denied for a minor error with the filing. Why not just hire an attorney from the start?

Bankruptcy is a process that can be very useful when debt has become overwhelming. As with any legal process, it can be terribly confusing to those who aren’t used to dealing with the process in a professional capacity. Getting professional guidance is in the best interest of anyone who is seriously considering filing for bankruptcy.

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