Due to the complications and complexities, it is critical that any motorcycle accident victim is aware of his or her rights and take proactive steps to protect them. Some of the things your accident lawyer will recommend are listed below.

Seek and Continue Medical Treatment

Most motorcycle accidents are serious and result in upper limb injuries (44 percent) and lower limb injuries (57 percent), according to a Monash University case study. If unconscious, the accident victim should be rushed to an emergency room as fast as possible. It is recommended that you stay as long as your insurance provider recommends. If conscious, ask for medical transport and give an accurate description of your injuries to the emergency responder.

You should also continue with your treatment regimen and obey all instructions given by your doctor. Such instructions including staying off of work or taking on lighter duties. Sometimes, insurance companies will reduce or deny claims by blaming you for not following the doctor’s advice.

Do Not Repair Your Bike

Although it sounds counterintuitive, it is recommended that you forego any type of repairs on your bike. This is because your motorcycle is the single biggest piece of evidence. In addition, if accident reconstruction experts are called in, the physical evidence will be a way of verifying the information.

Avoid Social Media

Avoid talking about your mishap on the Internet, especially social media. In some cases, posting photos or making posts about the accident will work against your case. Insurance companies are always on the lookout for information that is contrary to what you are asserting. Such information includes you being on vacation or taking part in sports activities even as you claim to be disabled.

You should consider talking to a motorcycle accident lawyer in Tampa. He or she will advise you on options available. Plus, your lawyer will explain the legal process and what you should expect. They will also help bring in professionals who can substantiate your claim, including medical experts, accident reconstruction experts and economists.