The climate is always changing. One day it’s hot and the AC system is running. The next day a cold front blows through and the heater needs to be turned on. When staying comfortable matters during the cooler months, it may be time to have a heating service near Arlington Heights come out and do an inspection.

When to Check the System

No one really thinks about a heating system when it’s hot outside. While this may be the case, the end of the summer is the perfect time to have an inspection performed before the weather calls for it to be turned on. If any issues are noted during the inspection, they should be repaired before the system is needed full time. A company who specializes in heating service near Arlington Heights will look at components that a homeowner can’t see, so it’s beneficial to call in an expert to do a preseason inspection.

Heating Inspection

During a heating inspection, all critical components will be cleaned and lubricated to ensure that the heater will run smoothly. The technician will change out the air filter to improve airflow and reduce energy consumption. If the heater is a gas unit, the technician should check for any leaks that could cause carbon monoxide to build up inside. He will also check the vents and registers to make certain that nothing is blocking them, check the outdoor unit if a heat pump is part of the system, and ensure that the thermostat is working properly.

Maintenance Plan

While a heating inspection should be performed at least once a year, a maintenance plan can help to keep down costs year round. Being proactive with a heating system can save time and money since problems can be detected long before they escalate and turn into major issues. By staying on top of problems as they develop, a heating system can last years longer than a system that was ignored.

A heating system is a major system in a home which should be taken care of year-round in order to maximize its lifespan and increase its efficiency. Tending to problems as soon as they are found can help to reduce the number of major repairs that it may need during its lifetime. Visit for more information regarding heating system needs.

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