Keeping Engraved Tags in Oahu Looking Like New

When a company wishes to specify the names and positions of their employees for visitors to see, Engraved Tags in Oahu may be placed on doorways for all to see. These nameplates will require a bit of care, so they look sharp for years to come. Failing to clean them properly can lead to them appearing grungy. Here are some steps that can be used to keep tags looking like new.

Do Routine Cleanings Of Tags

It is a good idea to clean tags every week or so to keep them looking shiny. A mild cleaning agent made especially for metal or plastic plating can be placed on a piece of microfiber cloth and then rubbed over the tags. It is important to dry the tags immediately after wiping them down to help in keeping smears from appearing. Another piece of microfiber cloth can be used to accomplish this task.

Cover Tags When Using Chemicals

When a chemical agent is to be used in cleaning the area around a tag, it is a good idea to take the time to cover the tag completely. This can be done by using a piece of painter’s tape. Make sure the edges of the tag are positioned underneath the tap in their entirety. This will provide a seal that will protect tags from becoming altered in appearance as chemicals will not be able to penetrate the barrier.

Remove Grime That Becomes Trapped

The engraved portion of a tag is a spot where dirt can accumulate. Because there is a grooved portion, using the right method in removing dirt will be necessary. Try using an artist’s brush to whisk away debris with ease. Alternately, an air compressor can be used to blow away debris that had become trapped in the lettered portions.

When there is a desire to purchase new Engraved Tags in Oahu, finding a company with a wide selection of choices is best. Visit to browse the selection of engraved tags available. An order can then be placed through the web site to be shipped directly to the customer’s address if desired.

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