Top 10 Ways Auto Body Shops Can Ensure a Positive Customer Experience

by | Jan 11, 2018 | Auto Parts Store

To run a successful auto body shop, you need to ensure that each of your customers is having a positive experience. Guaranteeing this type of experience means providing a positive first impression, working to build a relationship, and encouraging repeat business and potential referrals. We’ll talk about ways you can keep customers happy and offer an experience they will appreciate.

1. Give your customer personalized service. This means shaking their hand, giving a pleasant greeting, and providing a genuine smile. This is where it starts and it’s as simple as could be.

2. Next, make sure your customer is comfortable. Offer a soft chair and provide coffee, tea, or water to make the person feel cared for. This will put them in a place where it is easier to relax.

3. If the customer has been in an accident, ask about it. Show compassion or the situation they have been in. Doing this will show that you are interested in them as a person.

4. You should also show empathy about the accident or issue bringing them to shop. You can also ask questions to show your concern. A customer who believes you understand them is going to feel more comfortable at your shop.

5. Make a point to listen. Take notes of what the customer says. This shows you are actively listening and interested in what is being said.

6. Take down your customer’s name, phone number, address, and email address. However, on top of that, offer your own information to them. Be sure to let them know they can bring any questions to you.

7. With the customer information in hand, find out how they prefer to be contacted. Use that knowledge to send them updates through text message, email, or whatever other process they prefer.

8. Do a walk around of the vehicle the customer brings in while they are nearby. You can look at mileage, features, lights, and other information. You should also write down any damage and ask the customer if they want specific things fixed while they are in.

9. Once you’ve spoken to a customer, do what you want to make a personal connection. This will make a customer more likely to visit you in the future.

10.  Finally, let the customer know when you expect the work to be complete. You can give them an estimate and send updates as needed. This makes them a part of the process the entire way.

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