For major catering events, alcohol tends to be a priority drink. LI catering halls, in particular, tend to stock them up aplenty. Whether your drink of choice is wine, beer, vodka or perhaps just a cocktail, it’s pretty easy to find a place that can give you exactly what you want.

However, there are certain events where alcohol just doesn’t seem appropriate. Maybe you want to mix things up a little bit. Or, perhaps, you want a just-as-classy option for non-alcohol drinkers. One great choice, particularly for the caffeine lovers, is an espresso and cappuccino bar.

A Coffee Party

An espresso and cappuccino bar is typically a specialty option from outside providers, for most LI catering halls at least. You’ll be happy to find that there are many catering halls on Long Island that will offer this alternative to alcohol.

While this is probably a less popular choice for events like weddings, it is pretty sensible once you think about it. Coffee and conversation are quintessential companions. In gatherings that bring together families and friends, the aroma of coffee should be enough to spark getting-to-know-you dialogues among them.

There’s also the added advantage of not having to deal with too many drunk guests, but it’s probably best not to tell them that.

Choosing Coffee

The finest coffee in the world is said to be Arabica, which has a mild flavor and an earthy, distinctive aroma. However, you may prefer it blended with other varieties such as Robusta, particularly if you want an extra kick of caffeine or a deeper flavor.

Before you choose the beans and the consistency of coffee that’s right for you, ask your LI catering hall to whip up some samples. They will usually have several options with a variety of consistencies, cremas and coffee varieties.

The next time you’re holding a party and you’re looking for a great LI catering hall, do try several locations to see which one offers the best coffee bar for your big occasion. It’s got that extra option that you will find gives life to your party.