Types Of Pillow Block Bearings

by | May 26, 2016 | Industrial Supplier

Pillow block bearings is a term that usually refers to the housings of cast iron or other metal that contains (houses) bearings. They are usually mounted bearings, therefore allowing a purchaser in Louisiana to have both components together and not need to buy each separately. The housing generally falls into one of two categories: split and unsplit. The actual bearings, however, come in a greater number of types.

Types of Bearings for Pillow Blocks

Many pillow blocks come with bearing that are replaceable. These are insert bearings. In fact, bearings come in several different types, sizes, weights. All are designed to address certain demands. Specific types of bearings available for use in pillows block in Louisiana and across the country include the following:

  • Plain bearings: Instead of rolling, this type of bearing employs a sliding action. In linear applications, they serve the purpose of guiding, restraining or even decreasing friction.
  • Ball bearings: Probably the best-known type of pillow block bearing, these actually do have a ball. It acts as the rolling element. The purpose is to provide for rotary applications a move that is low friction as well as smooth.
  • Roller bearings: This type of bearing has a roller to use in rotary applications. The purpose of roller bearings is to produce motions that are low in friction and very smooth. Three major pillow block bearings of this type are tapered-roller bearings (conical rollers) spherical- roller bearings and cylindrical-roller bearings.
  • Needle-roller bearings: As the name indicates, this type of bearing has a needle roller to facilitate rolling.
  • Hydrodynamic bearings: These bearings actually contain a fluid film of oil or air. Of all the types of bearings listed here, these are the most expensive.

These bearings are the most common and well known of all the types utilized in pillow blocks.

Purchasing Pillow Block Bearings

If you are in the market for the right type of mounted housing that already contains its bearings, be sure to pay attention not only to the material of the casing but also to the type of bearings contained within. The choice of casing and bearing type needs to match the intended purpose of the pillow block. They work together as a team to ensure that eh purpose they serve is done appropriately. Choosing the wrong type of pillow block bearings is not simply a mistake in judgement, it can be a costly error for your company in Louisiana or elsewhere.

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