Typically, many men look for perfumes and scents that are incredibly long-lasting so that they can apply them at the start of their day and get on with their schedule. However, at times, a men’s fragrance packaged as long-lasting fails to deliver. Yet, there are many reputable men’s fragrances that offer promising longevity to the wearer.

So, let’s take a look at the best long-lasting men’s fragrances out there:

Dunhill Icon

Dunhill Icon is a super long-lasting, woody men’s fragrance in Chicago IL thanks to its resinous and rich base of labdanum and agarwood. Its sensual and tantalizing notes will easily last throughout the day and night.

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme

Paco Rabanne Pour Homme is an authentic and long-lasting choice with a fresh spring scent offering a vivid composition of rosewood, rosemary, lavender, oakmoss, and honey.

Aramis by Estée Lauder

A popular and affordable choice, Aramis has been winning hearts for decades now. It features a powerful base of tree moss, amber, coconut, sandalwood, vetiver, and more, balanced by a top note of gardenia, thyme, bergamot, and clover. It’s a long-lasting men’s fragrance that will easily carry over to the next day.

Christian Dior Homme Intense

Christian Dior Homme Intense is the ideal nighttime men’s fragrance. If you’re looking for a long-lasting yet subtle scent that offers a confident and sensual note without an overwhelming aroma, you need to try this fragrance.

When testing the longevity of a fragrance, always test how far you can smell it from, the trail it leaves behind the wearer, and how long it lasts before fading. It will help you choose a long-lasting fragrance that you can wear all day long!