You probably never think about towing services until you actually need one. They then become the most important service around. Finding a reliable towing company is extremely important. You need to be able to trust the towing company with your vehicle, something you have spent potentially tens of thousands of dollars to purchase. You also need to feel secure you are only being charged what you should be, with no extra fees or overcharges.

American Bulldog Towing & Recovery is an example of a reputable company you can trust. They are a Towing Service in Joliet IL that offers 24-hour a day service. We have many years of experience and eight experienced and professional drivers ready to handle your call. They understand no one wants to stand stranded on the side of the highway for hours, waiting for a tow truck to eventually arrive.

This understanding, and their concern for their customer’s safety, is why they make it a priority to get to each call as quickly as possible. For your convenience they dispatch their vehicles from multiple locations. This enables them to provide some of the fastest Towing Service Joliet IL. It is a logistical advantage and it is how they can guarantee to be at the towing site within minutes of any call.

American Bulldog Towing & Recovery provides every day light duty towing services of cars and trucks. They are also able, both with the equipment and the know-how, to provide heavy duty towing services. These services apply to 18-wheelers, heavy-duty trucks and even the transport of portable buildings. They offer recovery services after accidents, including underwater recovery. They also offer roadside assistance such as lockouts and fulfill the services offered by many auto clubs.

If towing services are covered under your insurance, they can bill most of them directly. This saves you time as well as saving you the worry of having to cover an unexpected bill. They are also able to direct-bill to most auto services.

You never have to feel stranded when you need a Towing Service in Joliet IL. Call American Bulldog Towing & Recovery and get where you need to be as quickly as possible.