Myths About Used Commercial Trucks For Sale

by | Jul 19, 2016 | Automotive Industry

Unfortunately, many potential truck buyers pass on used commercial trucks. This is often because they have heard misinformation about these vehicles that has been read off the internet or simply passed around by people that don’t understand what they are talking about.

There are, of course, some used commercial trucks for sale that are not a good option to purchase. These types of trucks are not sold through reputable dealerships or equipment auctions unless there is a disclosure provided of the issues with the truck.

These types of sales are often the box, dump or heavy duty trucks you will see on corner lots in Texas or perhaps in online ads or auctions where they are being sold by the owner. Often in these situations, the owner is less than forthcoming about the problems and unless the buyer knows what to look for these used commercial trucks for sale can become a very costly purchase.

Understanding the myths about quality used trucks will help you to understand why these trucks may be a very good investment to add to your fleet or get a fleet started.

Poor Maintenance

Commercial trucking companies, truck leasing companies or transport services often have their own mechanics and technicians to maintain the fleet. Top companies have computerized records on all trucks and ensure that routine maintenance is always on schedule and when required.

This is effective for these companies since maintenance is less costly than repairs. It also allows them to keep their fleet on the road, which is how they make their money.

Commercial Fleets Don’t Sell Good Trucks

Many commercial fleet sales occur when companies go out of business, merge with another company or simply downsize for one reason or another. Some companies also upgrade to different makes and models of trucks, which means they get rid of older trucks to have a consistent look to the fleet.

Often the used commercial trucks for sale through dealerships may have been lease trucks. These trucks are typically only kept in rotation for a few years and then the leasing company upgrades to new models to keep their leasing customers in the latest in models.

These well-maintained, often low mileage trucks are then available through dealerships or even through direct sale by the leasing company. These are ideal vehicles for a business to consider and the savings on the price make them attractive for a business of any size and type.

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