Relocating your entire office set-up, whether to a building across the street or a business district in the next town, is not a simple process. It does not matter if your company is expanding or downsizing, the stresses of relocations simply should be the least of your concerns.

In this case, your best option is to shop around for commercial moving companies. Durham is home to a selection of relocation establishments available for your every need. However, be warned. In every area, there are moving companies that provide excellent service and moving companies that do not perform at that high level.

It is still important to have all your bases covered. In vetting the commercial moving company you would be doing business with, be sure to consider several things:

Vet at Least Three Commercial Moving Companies
It is very easy to jump on the first moving company you come across. You can do your research online, contact one company and sign a contract all within two hours.

However, signing a contract without researching first is simply unadvised – especially your first time around. You may not get the best deal this way. At the very least, you are encouraged to get an estimate from three different commercial moving companies. Doing so can give you an indication of how much at the most you are likely to spend.

Incredibly Low Price = Incredibly Disappointing Service
Value is different from dollar amount. Just because one commercial moving company is providing you with the lowest estimate, doesn’t mean that you should jump at the offer. It is important to compare apples with apples. Carefully, compare the different inclusions each estimate provides. A cheap moving company does not always mean disappointing service. However, it is best to keep your expectations realistic.

Ask for References
The previous customers of a commercial moving company are the best people to ask about the quality of their service. Moreover, credible commercial companies would not think twice about furnishing you a list of their past customers. If they consistently do impressive relocation jobs, they would not hesitate to provide you with references.