Are you in need of US Residency Help? If so, you are not alone. Many individuals dream of coming to America to better their life, yet aren’t sure how to go about doing so. Those who do attempt to navigate the system on their own often become frustrated by the long waits and the bureaucracy. Many who find themselves in this situation choose to request permanent resident status to ensure they can stay in the country. This is often referred to as a green card. What does having a green card entitle you to?

Having a green card allows you to live and find work in the United States. You have the option of starting a business or you may choose to join the armed forces. Although you cannot receive government benefits or vote with a green card, you can do everything else citizens can. The green card doesn’t protect you from being deported, however, if you are found guilty of criminal activity. Once you have this green card, you can apply to become a citizen after a five year period.

A relative can sponsor you so you can get a green card. If you don’t have relatives here, you may find your employee can be your sponsor. Many individuals now go this route if they are in a speciality field or have a talent that will benefit the citizens of the United States. Multinational companies often bring executives into the country this way and many educational institutions sponsor professors, for example. You may also seek refuge if there are life threatening conditions in your native country or you may choose to participate in the green card lottery.

If you find you are in need of US Residency Help, whether you wish to become a citizen or you would be satisfied with becoming a permanent resident, contact an attorney specializing in immigration law today. Attorneys who work in this field understand the complexities of becoming a resident or citizen and can help you navigate through the process. Less time is needed to achieve your dream when you choose to retain legal counsel, as attorneys know how to avoid mistakes which can delay the process and how to move the bureaucracy forward. Quit trying to fight the system. Obtain the legal help you need and achieve resident status in a short period of time.

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