If you are getting started with multiple sports, you may be considering participating in a triathlon. These wonderful sporting events are not just exciting to watch, but they are also fun to take part in. However, they do require that you be well equipped so as to give yourself the best opportunity for a successful outcome. Whether you are a beginner or seasoned competitor, it will behoove you to visit a triathlon shop to get the gear you need. Finding out what types of gear they have available will assist you in having everything you need on competition day.

Running Gear & Equipment

Part of joining a triathlon means running, and that activity requires that you have the best shoes, shorts, tops, and equipment. At a triathlon shop, you can find everything you need and more. The sales associates are very friendly and helpful and will provide answers to any of the questions you might have about their inventory. At your local triathlon shop, you can find running gear such as heart rate monitors, speedometer watches, running belts, water bottle carriers, many different types of running shoes and much more.

Swimsuits & swim gear

For the swimming section of your triathlon, you will want to have all of the swimming gear you need. This will ensure that you are well equipped for this section of the competition. Swim bags and backpacks are just some of the gear you can find at your local triathlon shop. You can use these bags to store towels, extra swimming suits, swim caps, and much more. Your swimming bag can be easily bought from a triathlon shop with great deals and discounts available. Additional swimming gear you can find includes caps, wetsuits, goggles, and swimming suits.

Bicycles & More

Biking is the third component of a triathlon and requires that you have a good quality bike to get through most any terrain. Just any bicycle will not do and instead you will have to get one specially made for both on and off-roading. You can easily visit the triathlon shop to view the available models so you can make the best possible selection. In addition to bicycles, at the triathlon shop you can also find bike helmets, bike trainers and racks, cycling sunglasses, and much more.

Visit a top of the line triathlon shop near you or online to get the best gear and get an edge over the competition!

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